Osmo Genius Kit

I recently added the Osmo Genius Kit to my classroom and I have to say that it is one of my favorite items that we use in the classroom. If your classroom has access to an iPad or you have one at home that you use with your own children I really suggest purchasing the Osmo Genius Kit!

There are a few different kits that you can buy depending upon what your needs are and you can always add the other games later if you start out with the starter kit.  The kits also come with a few more games that you do not need tiles for, Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece!  The Osmo kits can be used with iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, and iPad 4th generation.  

This is the Osmo Starter Kit and it comes with  Words and Tangram.

Next is the Osmo Genius Kit:  It comes with Words, Tangram, and Numbers!
This is the kit that I purchased!

There are also items that you can add on to the system such as:  


Here are some pictures of us using the system in the classroom:  

                              Tangrams                                              Numbers

                               Words                                                Masterpiece


Here is a little more about the games:

Words:  Unlimited content.  Guess and spell hidden words with physical tiles.

Numbers:  Freestyle math.  Explore and play with math in an open-ended environment.

Tangram:  500+ visual spatial puzzles.  Arrange puzzle pieces to build challenging shapes.

Newton:  60+ levels of creative engineering.  Guide virtual balls with real-life objects.

Masterpiece:  Draw anything and everything.  Supercharge your drawing skills.

Monster:  Bring your drawings to life with Mo the Monster.

Coding:  Teaches logic and problem solving skills.

Osmo Pizza Co.:  Cook up math, money, and fraction skills by running your own pizza shop.

The kits come with the games, a stand to hold your iPad and the little red piece which reflects the iPad camera downward so that it can read what the child is doing with the tiles, pencil and paper, whiteboard and markers, or the creative board and markers.

There are so many things that you can do with the Osmo and you can create an unlimited number of user profiles so each of your students can have their own profile!  

Another really cool thing about the Words game is that you can download a wide variety of additional word albums for use with the games.  Some that I saw so far are sight words, cvc words, alphabet, syllables, and so on.   There are even albums for older kids such as the 50 states!  I even saw where people had used Words to create multiple choice questions using the A, B, and C tiles.  This would be perfect for students that are already reading!  The possibilities there are endless!  BONUS:  You can also create your own word albums so you can customize content to what you are currently teaching in your class!  

We have only had ours for a few days and the students are having so much fun!  I love how this system combines the technology of the iPad with real life tasks as the students actually use tiles and pencil and paper to complete the tasks on the screen!  Super cool technology!  

The Osmo Genius Kit is well worth the investment for at home and in the classroom!