Sunday, May 1, 2016

Polka Dot Apple Sight Word Wall

So every year I try something new with my sight word wall trying to find a way that I love. This year I think I finally accomplished this task. I used one of my bulletin boards in my classroom. I covered it with black bulletin board paper and put up different color scrapbook paper squares on it. I put a polka dot border around the edge. I then used my polka dot apple letter flashcards from my TPT store to label each square. I cut them out so they were apple shaped. I had to double up on a few letters. Next I added my polka dot apple high frequency word flashcards from my TPT store as we introduced the words. It turned out super cute! I think next year I will use different color apples to pattern the board for each letter instead of just random colors. I have many different colors of these apples for letters, Dolch sight words, and Fry sight words in my TPT store! The links to these can be found below! Take a look:

Here are links to my polka dot apple letter flashcards.

Here are links to the Polka Dot Apple Dolch Sight Word Flashcards:
Here are the links to the polka dot apple Fry Sight Word Flashcards: Here is different polka dot borders: