Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Time Math In Kindergarten

In math we have been working on both addition and subtraction.  The way that I like to practice these skills is that I start the kids in each math group with adding 0 to any given number.  Once the group has mastered that they move on to adding 1, then adding 2, adding 3, adding 4, and finally adding 5.  After they master adding by each of those numbers they practice adding the numbers 0-5 to any given number, then they move on to adding 6, adding 7, adding 8, adding 9, adding 10 and finally adding the numbers 0-10 to any given number.  After the students can do that then their group moves on to subtraction and we practice those skills in a similar manner.  I have several TPT products to help with this.  Today we used my  Butterfly Addition Adding 0-10 product which is really helpful when teaching this way!

Here are some pictures of the kids in action!  

After we check their answers they then can go ahead and color the butterflies!  

The kids were so excited with the cute design of the butterflies the first time they saw them!  This product brings and element of fun to learning!