Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Game for Letter Recognition, Letter Sounds, Number Recognition, or Sight Word Knowledge

Here is an awesome game that I have played with my students for years. I started out using it mostly for letter recognition but it works so well that I also started using it for learning the letter sounds, number identification, and sight word recognition. At first I start out with uppercase letters and have the letters in order. The student is shown the letter card and must say what the letter is. If they do not know it then I say it, the student repeats, I say it again, the student repeats, and I say it a 3rd time, and the student repeats. I eventually change this to me saying it only once, the student repeats it, and then I say "What's the letter?", the say it, "What's the letter?, and they say it again. If the student gets the letter correct then the card is placed down, if it was incorrect they go through the process above and then the card is placed in the back of the pile. The game continues until all cards are down on the table. This can also be differentiated. Some kids are ready to have the cards in random order so I do this. Some students are only able to handle 5-10 cards until they master those and then we add more. Also with my lower students, I start with 5 cards and if they miss a letter, I put it directly behind the next card instead of in the back of the pile. This game really helps especially with the lower students. You can also train the higher students to lead the activity for the lower students.   Here is a picture of us in action. I actually have a student acting as teacher and leading the game here. 

Here are links to the cards that I use for letters, numbers, and sight words.  For more information click on the pictures.