Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Are You Looking For An Awesome Bulletin Board For Spring?

This is my favorite bulletin board that I have created throughout my years of teaching. At my school we have to create what is called an achievement board vs a bulletin board. The difference being we have to put feedback on all work that is posted. We must also include a title, I can statement, and explanation of the given task. This board started as an addition only board, the following year I did a subtraction board and then I used both addition and subtraction on the same board. In order to create this board I worked with a small group of students at a time and they completed the problems on their given flower and then I later typed up the feedback for each flower and added it too the board. This activity also has story problems for the students to solve. The students really enjoyed working on their flowers and seeing their works out in the hallway. The boards each year received a lot of positive feedback from parents, staff, and administration. Here are some pictures of the board:

If you are interested in creating this board, there is not need to recreate the wheel....I have created all the pieces that you will need. Just click on the pictures below to pick yours up today. There are two sets available: addition and subtraction.