Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading

It is once again almost time for students to return to school. If your children haven't been reading during the summer months, it is not too late to get them started once again before the school year begins. Not every child likes to read but it is so critical during the school years to practice and build upon reading skills. Here are a number of ideas to make reading more fun and to encourage reluctant readers to give it a try.
Start an incentive for your children based on reading time or number of pages read. After they attain their goal, take them to get ice cream, a small prize, or plan an activity that your child will enjoy.
Find a wide range of reading materials for your children. Introduce them to multiple genres to teach them about different kinds of reading to choose from. They can try reading a mystery, and then a non-fiction book. Science fiction and adventure books are popular with boys. Girls like books that they can relate to. Find books that are well-suited to their age level. And don't forget the  little ones. Reading to them will help them take pleasure in reading as they grow older.
Children that don't like to read can still find things they enjoy reading about. There are magazines available for every topic. You can find something on their preferred subject that they can read. If your child wants to be a pilot when they grow up, find books on flying and building airplanes. Finding something that is interesting will help encourage them to keep on reading.
Make sure your children see you as a reader.  If they see you reading it will show them the importance of it and will encourage them to want to become lifelong readers as well.  You could set a family reading time where everyone reads together as individuals or a read aloud together as a group. 
Reading develops  a foundation for learning that will follow your children throughout their lives. It is such a necessary skill to have and develop and is crucial for success in school. Teaching your children good reading skills also leads to discipline for other studies. It aids with concentration and comprehension.
Successful reading skills will help your children become better at school as well as to help ensure their love of reading and keep them on the road to become lifelong readers.