Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make the Time; Just Write

Make the Time; Just Write

This is an article that I wrote about writing 
and it was published in the Winter 2005 Vol.37, No.2 
edition of the Michigan Reading Journal 

Writing is something that I have always enjoyed.  When I was younger, I often sat for hours at a time writing poetry and short stories.  Due to the demands of adult life, however, it was difficult to find time to craft any piece of writing.  All that changed this past summer.

As I sat in a classroom at the university thumbing through the course syllabus, I saw that one of the assignments was to keep a writing journal.  I was being required to write whatever I felt like writing, as long as it included a poem, an essay, and a story.  Some students in the classroom had the look of pure terror on their faces, but not me.  I was elated and could not wait to begin the assignment.  Although writing was actually something that I loved to do, I could never seem to find the time.  The sacred secret of the practicing writer was revealed to me in that very instant.  It is not finding the time but making it.

My mind immediately went to my living room end table.  Stuffed inside its drawer sat a request that I had received more than a month earlier.  The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation had asked me to craft a very special piece of writing for them.  They requested a thank you note for the motorcyclists who ride in their "Ride For Kids" fundraiser.  As the mother of a son who, at the age of 2, almost lost his life fighting this horrific disease, I had a strong desire and intent to write the piece but I never seemed to find the time. 

After class that evening, I rushed home and grabbed a notebook and a pen.  A note of thanks to the participants in the "Ride For Kids" events was my first priority.  I had been thinking of this piece and crafting it in my mind from the moment I received it.  When my pen touched the paper the words fell into place one by one, leading to a poem i titled Angels Ride Motorcycles, Too.

I sent my poem to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Association, thinking they might use it as a thank you note inside the motorcyclist's lunch bags at the Ride For Kids events.  Three weeks later, I received a phone call asking permission to publish my poem in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundations newsletter.

I could not believe what I was hearing.  The dream that I had carried since childhood was coming true:  I was becoming a published author!  Had I not made the time to write, this would not have happened.

I realize now that writers don't find the time; they make it.  Now I write on a regular basis.  I have also learned just how powerful the weaving and intertwining of words can be.  Through a well-crafted piece, we can touch the hearts of others, whether it is through joy and laughter or sorrow and tears.  I truly believe that within us all lives a writer just waiting to be exposed to the world.  For some of us, the writer lives near the surface.  For others, the writer may be buried deep within.  Whatever the case, we all have stories within us that can touch the lives of others.  Stories that are meant to be shared.  We all have something important to say: words that are meant to be heard.

Angels Ride Motorcycles Too
Some say that angels walk the earth,
and I believe this is true.
But what many people fail to see,
is that they ride motorcycles too.
For without the money that you raise,
no research could be done.
Without this research the doctors
may not have saved my only son.
There are many others like my son Cheston,
Alive in part because of you.
But as we all know, brain tumors still exist;
We have so much more to do.
So thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
For coming here each year.
For helping do the work of God;
Helping to find a cure.
Some say that angels walk the earth
And I believe this is true.
And I hope someday that all will see
That they ride motorcycles too.